Blue Lights, Eye Injuries and You

blue light bulb

blue light bulb

Technology is awesome and the latest devices we see and own today are the speaking proof of it. At first, there were only phones, but then they became smartphones. The idea of smart prevailed quite fast and today we see the idea of “smart” being integrated to almost every electronic item in the market. There are some problems with our new technology though. Everything has its pros and cons but when we talk about our smartphones, tablets and laptops we count cons only in terms of features and performance. What if there were some health disadvantages of using these items?

You might not have studied much about blue light but now that electronic devices are everywhere, it is best that you get to know it. Blue light comes from full light spectrum. When you are in the sun you are exposed to blue light. There are other types of UV rays as well that we have to protect ourselves from. Wearing protected glasses can be a great way to keep our eyes safe from blue light.

However, the big problem arises when we use our mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices at full brightness at night time. The blue light that comes out of these bright screens can have a great impact on our eyes. Not to mention, melatonin is directly affected by this light and melatonin is the hormone that helps you get a good sleep. Blue light from our smartphones and tablets can have an impact on our retina – that’s where blue light affects the most.

This can cause severe impairment of your vision right in the center portion of your eyes. A good way to stay away from this is to keep the mobile phones at low brightness levels and at a little distance from our eyes. Macular degeneration is the common problem that blue light can cause in people of all ages, especially the old ones. It is also said that too much exposure to this light can cause cataracts in our eyes.

More and more researches are being performed in order to find solid grounds to say that blue light really causes cataracts in eyes. Lastly, blue light has a huge impact on your sleep when you look right into it at night. It is said that blue light results in suppressing melatonin and so sleeping and sleep cycles can be greatly affected by it.

What If Your Health Is Compromised?

If you are reading this, we already know you are a person who uses some sort of electronic device e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone etc. If you have been noticing problems with your eyes in the recent days, it is best that you get them checked. Any irregular itching, needle like feeling in the eye, headaches or loss of sleep etc. can be a sign of blue light affecting your brain and eyes. There could be other factors causing this but blue light is no exception. It is best that you get yourself checked at a doctor’s clinic as soon as possible.

Getting Lawyer’s Help

If you have the money to get your eye related issues fixed, it does not mean everyone would have the same amount of money. Furthermore, it is quite a surprise that smartphone and other electronic device makers don’t put warnings on their products at all. This can cause severe damage to people’s vision and medical expenses too. If such problems are being caused and makers of these devices are not paying any attention, it is time for people to speak up and get legal help in this matter.

Of course, such big companies can never be handled by individuals and only professional lawyers know the way to bring them under the flag of justice. It is best that you get in touch with a lawyer and get help regarding your matter. Look for only the most professional and experienced lawyers that you can in your area to fight such a case for you because these cases are some of the hardest ones to prove. Many lawyers now offer free first consultation so you can discuss your case without paying a penny and know how a professional lawyer can help you.


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