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Maintenance Worker Injured in Escalator Accident

A business man commuting in  suit

A business man commuting in suit

Escalators are one technology that can really cause serious damages to kids and adults alike. A prime example of the devastation a faulty or even properly functioning machine like this can befall someone is digit injuries and amputations. Just a few days back, early Tuesday at the Rossyln Station, a 23 year-old maintenance worker was injured in an escalator mishap.

According to Arlington County Fire Department spokeswoman Sarah Marchegiani the accident occurred at approximately 1:49 a.m. when the maintenance worker got his foot caught between the escalator frame and the heavy steel plate.

The spokeswoman said the worker was seriously injured, but the harm was not life threatening. Morgan Dye Metro spokeswoman stated the maintenance worker was employed by KONE a company hired for Metro escalator maintenance.  This is just one of the many cases that highlights why riders of these conveyors must use caution, and keep their body parts out and away from the crevices and alleyways that make up the working and moving part of the belt system and conveyor devices.

Getting Help for Your Injury Claims

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When an accident happens, whether it is a car collision, incident a property, at work or even at home that due to the actions of another person or party it may be time to consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Having legal representation can mean recovering a higher settlement, since this is a legal advocate with experience in personal injury law. They are able to deal with the insurance company involved and this relieves the stress of personally negotiating with the insurance company adjustor and lawyers. The one thing that should be understood is that not all personal injury attorneys are the same.

The person who has been harmed should research the qualifications, experience and track record of the lawyer to determine if they are the right one for your specific situation. The right legal professional will have represented clients with cases similar to your claim and there are some important questions to ask. They should include what their success rate is, what their settlement averages are, their experience working with doctors and experience working with insurance companies. It should be questioned if the lawyer will be handling the case alone or if they will rely on paralegals to perform form of the work on the case. In the event that there will be paralegals or other attorneys working on your case, then you should meet them to assess if the law firm is the right fit for you to trust.

Any questions or emails that you have should be responded to by your attorney within 24 hours and this is something you may want to have written into the agreement to be certain of good communication. Prior to signing an agreement to retain a personal injury attorney it should be clear what the billing practices are, including the lawyer fees and who the payment is expected to be paid and when. It should also be discussed how the legal professional plans to be successful in your case to recover the compensation you deserve. If all these issues are answered to your satisfaction and you feel comfortable having this legal advocate provide representation to protect your rights, this may be the right attorney to hire.

Consulting a personal injury attorney to discuss your case, they should be able to determine if the case is valid to obtain compensation or if it is not worth pursuing. This may be disappointing to an individual if they find their claim is not worth pursing, but not every case has the necessary elements to prove negligence. It can also be expensive and time consuming to bring a claim or lawsuit for both plaintiff and the lawyer. This reason it is good to have a legal professional who will be honest.

The legal advocate with experience when a claim is evaluated and has the elements to prove negligence, the attorney may be able to provide a rough idea of what the case may be worth in a settlement or court award. They may also be able to estimate how long it can take to negotiate a settlement or litigate the case in court. In the end the most important issue is that you have a clear understanding of the process your case may take, feeling comfortable with the answers to your questions and believing they are trustworthy in having the same objective in your situation.

Personal Injury Claims

cropped-logo_tpl_black.pngPersonal injuries are one of the times in a person’s life and their families that are devastating, emotionally traumatic and can be financially draining. It can also be a challenge for the person that does not know personal injury law. These are the most frequent types of reoccurring incidences and motor vehicle accidents rate high in frequency. The harm can be both physical and emotional in these types of events and this is where the personal injury attorney can relieve the stress related to the incident.

The legal professional practicing in this area of the law can protect the rights of the person who has suffered harm, when it has been caused by another individual or entity. Personal injury advocates assist the injured person by filing a legal claim for the plaintiff against the person at fault for wrongdoing to obtain compensation for the bodily impairments and damages they sustained.

While it is not necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer, since it can be handled by the person who was hurt, it sure can help with the bottom line. These lawyers typically employ PC type tablets, and other technology both in and out of the courtroom to help aid in a greater recovery, that is windfall in comparison to going it alone, and they most often work on a contingency based fee.

This means that victims who have legal representation generally recover a higher financial settlement than someone going it alone against the negligent party. This is due to their intricate knowledge of tort law and the legal process. They have experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating in civil court for clients who have been harmed in auto, truck and motorcycle collisions, bicycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, product liability, work related and construction mishaps.

The legal professional will also be able to fight for compensation for medical expenses, ongoing medical care, lost wages, temporary or permanent disabilities, along with other damages. This is why a personal injury attorney (learn more here) should be considered consulting after being hurt in an accident, rather than pursuing a claim alone.