Maintenance Worker Injured in Escalator Accident

A business man commuting in  suit

A business man commuting in suit

Escalators are one technology that can really cause serious damages to kids and adults alike. A prime example of the devastation a faulty or even properly functioning machine like this can befall someone is digit injuries and amputations. Just a few days back, early Tuesday at the Rossyln Station, a 23 year-old maintenance worker was injured in an escalator mishap.

According to Arlington County Fire Department spokeswoman Sarah Marchegiani the accident occurred at approximately 1:49 a.m. when the maintenance worker got his foot caught between the escalator frame and the heavy steel plate.

The spokeswoman said the worker was seriously injured, but the harm was not life threatening. Morgan Dye Metro spokeswoman stated the maintenance worker was employed by KONE a company hired for Metro escalator maintenance.  This is just one of the many cases that highlights why riders of these conveyors must use caution, and keep their body parts out and away from the crevices and alleyways that make up the working and moving part of the belt system and conveyor devices.

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