Integrating Technology into Law

Welcome to Tablet PC Lawyer. I started this blog to help myself and other legal advocates and non attorneys answer the most frequently asked questions about how the law, coupled with technology, is changing the courts, the risks and advantages, and how to understand the history and developments. I hope this site helps you make sense of important advancements in the law, research, development, and expert opinions, in a smart and educated way.

Here we will explore how the latest technological developments have changed the court-room, injury treatment methods, e-discovery, electronic devices, trial preparation, discovery, warrants, marketing, and advertorial ethics for law firms and solo practitioners throughout the U.S and English Common Law countries. In particular, we will focus on evidence gathering methods like those involving drones, handheld devices, the NSA and FOIA, as well as chain of custody issues that can often arise during and even prior to the litigation process. I hope you can also contribute ideas and welcome any efforts or additions you may have.